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ARC Everneath by Brodi Ashton (5/5 stars).

Title: Everneath (Everneath #1)
Author: Brodi Ashton
Publisher: Balzer and Bray
Date to be released: 24 January 2012
Genre: Supernatural/Young Adult
Hardcover: 384 pages
Source: traded a paperback for it
Rating: 5/5 stars

Everneath is the can't wait book of all can't wait books for 2012! I keep seeing it in everybody's waiting for list, more so now that it's about to be released, it's cover is absolutely everywhere! It now has its own cult following even before its release. I've been nothing but obsessed about reading it since last month after reading a review by one of my favorite book bloggers and yes, it's as amazing as I thought it would be. 

It has been six months since Nikki's sudden disappearance, a hundred years in Everneath, the place for the Everliving, immortals who feed off human emotions and energy to sustain their immortality, a hundred years with Cole, the Everliving who took her and emptied her, and somehow she has survived. Now, Nikki has chosen to return to the surface to take back her life, make things right and say goodbye to the people she loves and she only has six months before the Tunnels come for her for an eternity of being pulled under to serve as battery. Cole has followed her and is offering to make her an immortal like him, to make her his queen. 

It is easy to think that Nikki is weak, when her mother's killer had been set free based on a procedural ground, hearing her father say that that man has been forgiven to be re-elected as Mayor, then seeing Jack's slutty cheerleader ex-girlfriend leave his room - she went running to Cole, and asked him to take away the pain, taking the easy way out. But in the end, after finding out what happened the day she ran away, I realized that Nikki is strong. For one, she never blamed anyone else for what happened to her: 
"That night, when I left the dorm, I could've gone home and shut myself in my room. But I didn't. I took the easy way out. Cole took the pain away, and I didn't care that it would ruin everything in my life, because I was stupid enough to think I had nothing else to lose."
then, she could've chosen to go with Cole and be an Everliving instead of eternal suffering in the tunnels, but she didn't because: 
"That painting looks nothing like what I went through in the Feed...I would never do to someone else what you did to me. I'd rather be a battery in the Tunnels"
"Here's the truth. I. Will. Never. Ever. Go with you."
and she didn't change her mind, not when Cole showed her how horrifying it is in the Tunnels and not when the Tunnels finally came for her. She did ask Cole to take the pain away and I thought her reasons were so shallow but he tricked her, he used his powers so that Nikki would doubt Jack, and soon after he closed his bedroom door, Nikki said she wanted to leave, but he didn't let her go, even if he could have, (it took him several days before he took her to Everneath), he kept on feeding on her, so that she wouldn't be able to leave for his "experiment" and I doubt that Nikki knew what Cole was going to do to her. 

Some things are a little predictable though, when Mary said she was nineteen I'd already guessed that she had been a Forfeit (humans who willingly go to Everneath to be drained) and then a little after that I already knew who she really is. I also thought at the start, girl, you better have caught Jack and that cheerleader actually doing it and I don't mean kissing if you're going to sell your soul and seeing her opening the door naked doesn't count too! 

Those thoughts aside, I loved so many things about the book, the artful way of telling Nikki's story, what was happening to her upon her return with flashbacks of what happened before and in Everneath, the inner conflicts that makes for compelling and real characters, and all those questions left unanswered that will make you ache for the second installment. Sigh, this book is definitely worth the wait.

Nikki and Jack's love is so beautiful and tragic, a retelling of the story of Orpheus and Euredice, with an ending that left me teary eyed, because in this story, Jack saved Nikki just as Orpheus had once saved Euredice from Everneath. 

Beautiful quotes:
"And I thought if I could see him, even just for a day, it would be worth the hundred years. One day is all I deserved, and I've had so many already. I've won. I've won!"
"I'd like you to ask yourself, Who loses hope first? And who never gives up? Because it's not the supernatural abilities that set mythical characters apart..It's the decision the human characters make, in impossible situations, that have us still talking about them centuries later. Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with."
"...but I knew what I was hoping for. That Jack would be able to recover. That he would heal. That those who loved him would soon repair the broken sheathing around his raw soul, and that his memories of me, while tender, wouldn't define him."

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