Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin (3/5 stars).

Title: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer #1)
Author: Michelle Hodkin
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers
Date Published: 27 September 2011
Genre: Paranormal/Young Adult
Hardcover: 464 pages
Rating: 3/5 stars

This book has received a lot of hype the past couple of weeks and looking at the beautiful, almost poetic cover, I was intrigued and after putting it off for several more days, I started reading it. Mara is confused and is scared by the things that she was seeing that shouldn’t be there. I’d be scared too if I started to think that maybe I have gone insane. To make matters worse, she has no recollection of what happened the night she and her friends went to a hunted asylum, how her friends died and how she was able to survive. The story started out slow, Mara moved to Florida with her family and she had to start school and stop being crazy. Then something happened. And what Mara is really capable of doing is revealed to the readers.

I was starting to be engrossed with the paranormal aspect of the story when after the death of the abusive dog owner, the mysterious events surrounding Mara seem to ebb and the love story between Mara and Noah then take focus. I loved how Noah saved Mara from being humiliated, it was really sweet, but overall, Noah’s character just didn’t seem real for me, he’s too perfect and how he is in love with Mara was a bit overdone.

There are other characters that caught my attention: Daniel, Joseph, and Jamie. Daniel is Mara’s older brother who helps her get out of trouble with their mom, again a little bit too perfect, Joseph, their youngest, the little kid who loves the stock market, and her snarky and brilliant bisexual friend Jamie. I really liked Jamie, he’s the most real out of all of Hodkin’s characters and it was a letdown that he was cut off too early in the story.

After Mara confessed to Noah and Noah had some confessions of his own it was as if plot was dumped on the readers here and there in a confusing mess. Maybe Noah having powers was necessary to balance out Mara’s but I thought Noah as an ordinary person would have been a better touch.

My Verdict:
It was okay, the story started out well but fell flat for me near the end and the plot lacks organization.
Favorite quote:
“Wait," I said as Noah slipped a book from a shelf and headed toward the door. "Where are you going?" 
"To read?" 
But I don't want you to. 
"But I need to go home," I said, my eyes meeting his. "My parents are going to kill me." 
"Taken care of. You're at Sophie's house." 
I loved Sophie. 
"So I'm...staying here?" 
"Daniel's covering for you." 
I loved Daniel. 
"Where's Katie?" I asked, trying to sound casual. 
"Eliza's house." 
I loved Eliza. 
"And your parents?" I asked. 
"Some charity thing." 
I loved charity. 
"So why are you going to read when I'm right here?” 

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