Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello my belles!

I went on hiatus because as you all know, I've started working and work can be a bit hectic at times (well most of the time actually). During this time I was also thinking of closing my blog because I won't be able to post book reviews as much as before. Now I've made the decision to instead post more things about myself, new things I want to try and have tried but of course I will always be posting book reviews too, I just want to expand the subjects I can write about. 

Moving on! Recently, every time I'm stressed out I just go on a make up and skincare shopping spree, bad, I know, but I do feel better afterwards. As you can probably tell from that sentence, make up and skincare will be the new topics on my blog. 

I have had a ton of products I regret buying only because I didn't do my research before heading to the shops and just relying on what the Sales Assistants (SAs) say and now I'm shopping wiser looking for my holy grail (HG) products. I also threw away A TON of make up because I bought them more than two years ago and I'm starting all over again in building my make up collection. I just lost interest in make up when I went to law school. I used to live and breathe make up when I was in college! Shopping as soon as we stop getting these storms in Manila, I hate going out in the rain and photos will follow soon!

Last book I've read was The Selection by Kiera Cass and it was swoon worthy! I cannot wait for the tv series!

(Photo from Don't you think that Aimee Teegarden looks perfect for the role of America?! Speaking of book series turned tv series, I am in love with the fashion of pretty little liars! Hannah Banana's outfits are L-O-V-E, Aria got me layering my necklaces with my favorite little black dress and they seem to have the perfect nails to match their outfits all the time! They're my new nail role models. Catch me wear these PLL's nail fashion soon.

Next book I'm dying to read: Anna Girl of Nightmares. Review coming up. 

So those are the new things you have to look forward to in my blog.

I missed you guys!

Love love,

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