Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My little Bookworm corner #4 My first LUSH haul!

Hello my lovelies!

Last week, I was in The Fort High Street and my friend and I decided to drop by the LUSH boutique there. My first visit to a LUSH shop in Trinoma, I left without buying anything because the strong smells just overwhelmed me and I got a headache. This LUSH boutique is more spacious so the smells aren't as concentrated and the sunlight outside makes the shop seem brightly happy. I'm meeting a friend for dinner that day and decided to try their hair products first because I want to get a blow dry before then. 

The first product I got is BIG and the SA told me that they usually run out of stocks of this shampoo fast that I might have to wait for them to restock if I don't get it now. SA just said the magic words, I hate waiting for restocks but I have no regrets on getting BIG at all. BIG is made of 50% course sea salt which can make your hair have that gorgeous beach volume. When I was at the salon, the assistant who was blow drying my hair commented after I told her I want volume at the crown of my hair that my hair is setting voluminously and she hasn't used a roller brush yet. Someone else shampooed my hair so I know it's really the product working  and I'm hooked! 

The second photo below is another one of LUSH's bestsellers called NEW, it's a solid shampoo for thinning hair, my concern with this product, which I forgot to ask the SA is that if it stimulates the follicles for hair to grow, what would happen if I get some on my face? I'm putting use of NEW on hold until I get an answer. 

Third product which I'm currently loving is AMERICAN CREAM, a hair conditioner that makes my hair smell sooo vanillalicious all day long! I keep getting compliments on how my hair smell so good and with the hot and humid weather here in Manila, that's pretty awesome.

I also got a bath bubble bar in KARMA, LUSH's most famous scent and a bath bomb in HONEY BEE with a honey and sweet orange oil scent. I haven't tried these yet but will let you know soon what I think of them. That and more LUSH goodies so don't forget to catch part ii of this post. Love love, Bookworm Mia.


  1. I love LUSH! I go there about once a week. I like the Comforter bath bar. It smells super good and if you cut chunks off it lasts a lot longer. :)

    1. Ooh I haven't smelled that yet but def will when I go back there. Thanks for dropping by!