Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seriesly Hooked! 2012

Hello everyone!

I just realized I have a ton of book series to finish and a ton to start on too! In the middle of it all I keep on forgetting to pick up the next in the series release so I figured I should make a post where I can update my progress in them including a few thoughts on the series as a whole. Titles in Green are available in book shops but I haven't purchased them yet. Titles in Orange are books with available information but are not yet available for purchase. Titles in Violet are books already in my shelf/reader but I haven't read them yet.

The Mortal Instruments

City of Bones 1/6
City of Ashes 2/6
City of Glass 3/6
City of Fallen Angels 4/6
City of Lost Souls 5/6
City of Heavenly Fire 6/6

Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy 1/6
Frostbite 2/6
Shadow Kiss 3/6
Blood Promise 4/6
Spirit Bound 5/6
Last Sacrifice 6/6

My thoughts on the series: Blood Promise was AMAZING! I was so caught up in Rose's and Dimitri's love story but in Spirit Bound, how much I like Dimitri just dropped! I remember him saying if he had to choose between saving Lissa and Rose, he would choose Rose without hesitation. That's the Dimitri I like! In the end of Last Sacrifice he said he didn't know who he would choose and he still seems to be in awe of Lissa. Yes, Lissa did save him but her efforts were nothing compared to what Rose did for him. Call me a romantic but it would have been a rocking end to the story if Rose and Dimitri just ran away from it all. And! I would've wanted Dimitri to grovel a little to get Rose back damn it!

Night Huntress

Halfway to the Grave 1/*
One Foot in the Grave 2/*
At Grave's End 3/*
Destined for an Early Grave 4/*
This Side of the Grave 5/*
One Grave at a Time 6/*

My thoughts on the series: I don't want to say this but if I were to give a rating on the series as a whole, One Grave at a Time will drag that rating down, it feels like a bonus story and This Side of the Grave would have been a good final book.

Trylle Trilogy

Switched 1/3
Torn 2/3
Ascend 3/3

The Last Apprentice

Revenge of the Witch 1/11
Curse of the Bane 2/11
Night of the Soul Stealer 3/11
Attack of the Fiend 4/11
Wrath of the Blood Eye 5/11
Clash of the Demons 6/11
Rise of the Huntress 7/11
Rage of the Fallen 8/11
I am Grimalkin 9/11
Lure of the Dead 10/11

My thoughts on this series: A lot of fans want this series to end but for me, the quality of each book is still excellent even on its tenth book unlike other series that seem to drag after the fifth book. I don't know what to do after this series finishes! (lol) Just like Harry Potter, I don't think there'll be anything quite like The Last Apprentice.

The Selection

The Selection 1/3
The Elite 2/3 (2013)
Untitled 3/3 (2014)

Blood of Eden

The Immortal Rules 1/3
The Eternity Cure 2/3


Dark Fever 1/5
Blood Fever 2/5
Fae Fever 3/5
Dreamfever 4/5
Shadowfever 5/5

My thoughts on this series: I love this series! Each book just brings you deeper and deeper into Mac's story and the fae world. Mac and Barrons' chemistry is electric! The two of them together in the same room and the sexual tension is palpable. A lot of humorous but intimate scenes between them too like their "silent conversations" and you just realize that they love each other long before they both admit it! 

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