Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oh wow I haven't posted a thing for so long. First, thank you to my followers who are still with me here. Second, in my last giveaway, I sent an email to both Delaney and Vindi Putri to the respective email addresses they submitted, however, I only received a reply from Delaney and despite my giveaway rules stating that the winner must reply to my email within three days, I waited a week before disqualifying Vindi. 

In the middle of it all, I found work and got really busy. I had to go to the office on weekends just to work which was taking so much out of me. The last book I was reading was Going Bovine by Libba Bray which was entertaining at first but I got stuck in the middle and somehow lost interest. I felt that the story was dragging so much near the end but it could also be because of how I was feeling in real life. 

That said, I will again be raffling prizes this January including the book that was not won from my previous giveaway and will hopefully start to get back on my reading track. 

I will be in Paris next week and will try to sneak in some reading time during my long flight. I will of course write all about it here. I will also be doing the Da Vinci Code Louvre self-tour and posting some pictures! 

p.s. Can you believe that I haven't even read Anna and the French Kiss yet? 

Posting more soon! 

Bookworm Mia.